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Une pincée de technologies (MODX, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, mySQL, Linux...), un brin d'actualité et vous...

Velocio is a poor slime that was kept in a laboratory for years by scientists. But today is the day they finally get out of here! If they can outrun the security system that is...

game, play, free, maze
Ackwa 22/09/2019

Shadows of a Sunless World​ is an echolocation based horror game CNAM ENJMIN student project

game, horror, free, play
Ackwa 23/04/2019

A version of 2048 for all those who like me tested this game without - still - get there ... A simple version "for dummies"

2048, game, javascript, jeu, dummies, pour les nuls
Gildas 26/03/2019

Après 2048 for Dummies, voici le même pour les nuls ;D Une version simpliste de 2048 pour tout ceux qui comme moi on testé ce jeu sans - encore - y arriver...

game, javascript, jeu, 2048, dummies, pour les nuls
Gildas 26/03/2019